Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why are Books About Other Historical Figures Good Enough, but not for Jesus?

Jesus, Some People Say….

……dinn’t even exist. Personally, I find this to be quite peculiar. Oh, they say there are an absence of historical documents. Weelll, that’s’ new to me, as I read the Nag Hammadi documents some time ago ( they were unearthed in the early 1900’s in, guess where,,,,,Nag Hammmadi.

A poor Egyptian farmer, plowing his field, busted some ceramic jars, and made himself a millionair. Carl Jung ended up buying them, and Elain Pagels made a big thing of analyzing them…..lots of Christians objected to their content ( the gospel of Judas, and of Mary Magdelen, for example), but no-one objected to their authenticity, to the time period they were born in, etc….

The same is said for the New Testament, as far a historicity is concerned,,,it came from then, it spoke of events….then there are many other works, and if we accord the same selection process to them as to all historical documents, we soon can see that they are authentic.

The Romans record the death of the man in Jerusalem. One of the members of the Sanihedron ( the Jewish ruling body, read Government) wrote a book with him in it. A reader of it told me that it is interesting to see mention of the guy, through the eyes of someone who hates him. OK, so the Government wanted to take him out because he was a threat to their money, and their power. They must have been deathly afraid of the crowds who followed him, and wanted to put him on the throne of David, his ancestor.

Even in the absence of the above said, we must look at some other historical figures, in order to get a clue….Paul of Tarsus is a good example.
The World Book Encyclopedia has some information on him, or at least it used to. It tells about his life in the temple, and cannot explain his conversion to the heretic Jewish offshoot religion.
Now, you might want to ask yourself, along with Paul, there were many other individuals who were killed, tortured, and tortured and killed, for following Jesus of Nasareth. Why did they do that?
If they were mentally unbalanced, how did they write such great words of psychological guidance, so admired by so many down through the ages. Perhaps it is a fluke, and psychotic, masochistic people back then had deep insights into human nature, and were able to pull the will of the masses with them. To the point of annilation, since so many found their un-just reward in the Roman Collesium….

More than likely, all of these people , many of whom, no doubt, go recorded in the volumes of ancient historical writings which survive today, were more or less sane. So, you really do have to ask yourself, why did they do that? Doesn’t make too much sense now, does it?

If you want to ignore the bible and other documents written by the early Christians (though that may be a bit duplicitous, as other documents are looked at with a different yardstick) that is up to you; but it must be hard to also ignore the followers of Jesus, and all that they went through.

I can well understand the modern folks who tend to ignore all psychic and supernatural events, for whom all “ Miracles” are active hallucinations of the masses (though the exact mechanisms of the hallucinations are rarely alluded to, and never proved). This last bit ticks me off, naturally, since I have had numerous psychic incidents myself, and have known lots of other people who did, too.
The real bottom line on all of this is reading. When time after time, in book after book, we see philosophical people with a deep link to God becoming involved in astonishing works, it becomes very hard to ignore.
Please do read up on Joan of Arc. A seventeen year old farm girl has been talking to spirit people for years. They have been telling her to free her country. She doesn’t know how that could be….
Her home village is plundered, amidst the smoking debris, in a country devastated by a long war (eighty years, I think), she finally finds a way to get to the nearest castle (no easy feat in itself). Somehow convincing a noble lady of the truth of her cause (it may have helped that there was a prophecy of a maid saving France); a small group of soldiers takes her over to see the king.
The king, he is not the king yet, actually, dresses in his assistants clothes, to try to fool her. There are no portraits of him, so she has no way to know what he looks like. She walks right up to him, and pays him honor. In a chamber, she recounts a story of his life that only he knows. He sends her off to relieve the siege of Orleans, with only Seven hundred men, and a herd of cattle, which were much more appreciated by the populous than so few extra soldiers.
The English were deeply entrenched. All felt that they had the city.
Somehow, within a few weeks, the English leave, and the French had the city. It sits at a strategic intersection. With its’ fall, the country -side would have been open to English rule…and the rest of France, only a matter of time…….

…as far as I know, no historian has ever been able to explain why the English left…

….now she took the king to be to Rheims, for his coronation. Pro-English cities turned over to the king of France the Keys to their cities. Oh, there was some fighting, and Joan proved an outstanding warrior.
How did a farm girl just take up the reins of an army, direct artillery, and have grown men follow her into battle? I imagine she had total charisma, and much more than that. She was illiterate. It does seem hardly believable that anyone would risk their life on a silly enterprise, if there were not some strong basis in it that they could feel.

After the coronation, France followed, joining the army in droves, but the King was weak, he did not follow up, indeed, he effectively broke up their army.
There is a lot more to it than that, and her death was political. A Pro-English churchman led the way, with faulty arguments, to have her burned at the stake.

Try reading “ Joan of Arc”, by Regine Pernoud. He takes letters from both side of any particular battle, court documents of the follow up trial where Joans’ followers clear her name, and, in all, there are 10,000 pages of documents in France, says the author.

For an even more astounding read, look into the Miracle at Fatima. In 1917, in Portugal, several children see, and talk to spirit people, who tell them many things, predicting the end of WW1, and the upcoming WW11, if people did not heed the message. As word got around, it raised a stir in this communist country.
Many went to the apparition site on the appointed day, to laugh, and/or debunk. Even catholic priests went to debunk, to relieve pressure from the Government.
The coldly calculating journalists, and the skeptics of all kinds, had to agree on several things…..they were all thoroughly drenched in the morning, the sun came out during the apparition, and they were all unexplainably bone dry afterwards.

This is only to start…..they all saw the sun come down out of the sky, it really looked like it was going to hit. Even men miles away, who had just recently been heaping scorn on the crowds passing through, fell to their knees in the mud, praying that their lives not end this way….

….for those who took their eyes away from the spectacle, and looked around, they saw wonderful colors everywhere, covering everything, color that one does not see, heavenly colors…….that reminds me of the near death experiences, perfect hues, and rainbow colors….

Of course, the documents claiming miracles of all sorts, and for all religions, are many, and many the people who are there to uncover an old tomb, and get to see a person dead for a few hundred years, looking like they went in yesterday, and smelling like roses.

Look it up yourself, there is a whole world out there, don’t just ignore it as most people do. It will, perhaps, lead you down a good road. This is where the creator wishes us all to go, and why he gives us miracles, as a show of his presence, and of his love for us.

Friday, February 19, 2010




I stepped out of the theater in a rush I have not felt in 30 years. That was from the first Back to the Future movie, with its upbeat impact.

I was wondering , while searching for the car, where was my ponytail, so that I could plug it into the mother earth connector.

My wife, who actually does have a long, braided ponytail, was holding the end of it, and pocking with it, so that some of the others laughed, she told me later..

My son, who is a science fiction writer, they made a movie out of a story of his, robbed by a visiting teacher when he was fifteen, says it had every element of a good story, including the boss fight. The boss fight, I say? The boss fight is where the two leaders, on opposite sides of the battle, fight to the death…..

I don’t know if I have ever seen a movie where I was ready to go right back, and see it again. I told the kids working out front that it was the best movie that I had ever seen. The Lord of the Rings was maybe the previous best one, I say. She tells me she didn’t like that one. None of them had been to see Avatar yet! I couldn’t fathom that one, guess they make the mistake of not letting employees in free.

In the car, my son tells me that he knew I would like the wildlife scenes. The movie was worth it for the glowing nighttime plant life, the exorbitant mushrooms, the giant trees, and the crazy animals.. It is also a love story, and has all of the action anyone could ever want. It is no wonder that so well made a creation should also be the highest grossing cinema of all time…

We saw it in Imax 3D, as was advised by a woman I met at a bio-feedback class a few weeks earlier.

There is a group that hopes to get some more of the profit money diverted to indigenous causes. What we have in the movie is a more brutal, money driven culture dominating native people, and is exactly what is happening today, all over the world. Nor will the massacres of the past simply go away.
Go to facebook (it’s easy to join), and look for the Avatar group, they say the movie makers will likely commit more money, if people encourage them…..!/group.php?gid=265905035119

The way the film represents the corporate life is quite like that which I have seen, even in the supposedly benign solar industry. The law is money, money, money, and the ten commandments, applied only within ones own group, don’t apply here….

Personally, i think it is a great movie, to the point of saying that it is the best movie that i have ever seen.
Some more footage of it can be seen at this link....

And this one...

The music of Avatar...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010



I have a wife with so serious a respiratory condition that she can hardly breathe, and she and my two boys have definite bi-polar symptoms. I have read extensively on the American, nutrient depleted diet, and how a proper diet, combined with supplements and other simple treatments, can considerably ease these symptoms, if not cure them. The sales propaganda from the food and drug industry is horrendous. Imagine Ford telling you how good Toyota is, by way of comparison. Now note that This particular Ford has a strangle hold on the American information systems, almost a perfect one, to the point of censoring Orthomolecular medicine. If you never heard that term, then it serves to prove my point, doesn’t it?
So, I talk to stubborn people about what they don’t know about, and it is lost in thin air. Seven years of suffering I have had, to know of these simple cures for so many ailments, and who will listen? I am not sure even a single one of all the people I have told to google building seven, go to the Weston A. Price Foundation web page and study, or to look up Illuminati population control has yet done it. Of course, one seldom sees any of this discussion presented in an intelligent way in the evening press. See above to understand why, these guys own the press. Ownership is not always direct, though it is sometimes. If you are in the same social group, with the same ends, if you sit on the board of a variety of corporations, if your corp buys lots of advertising, and these so called free press corps (the media), want it then you have control. Everyone wants money, It is the staff of life, so is also the first element of control.
Control is complicated, it is psychological in nature, and controlling information is an important part of it…. There is, of course, the more ugly part, violence, but this is expensive for the providers, and more difficult than simple information control. That is, unless you include war, which is quite profitable for the controllers, so is very often instigated, on the most implausible of circumstances.
Meanwhile, I have to put up with stubbornness at home, an unwillingness to do anything, not even to take some quality vitamins or eat farm fresh foods, as well as some other aspects of bipolar activity, which is unpleasant to have to deal with. One of the many benefits of these "treatments", is the lifting of brain fog and confusion.
Well, I knew better that to talk to one of them in the mourning, none of them is morning people!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Agriculture must change


By Michael Meredith

There is a lot that can be said about eliminating hunger, but the basics, of course, are food production. The present chemically driven agro-business model is unsustainable, and causes disease. Fortunately, many simple methods are available for increasing food production.

The root of agriculture, pardon the pun, is the roots. The roots of the plants need nutrition, and lots of valuable animal and vegetable materials are materials thrown away.

Composting, mulching (also known as sheet composting), and bio-gas (which is a form of anaerobic composting), as well as fermentation (which produces alchohol as a by-product), are all very good methods of recycling unused organic materials to the soil. Often these products can be cycled through animals, and this can become a regular merry-go- round of recycling.

A properly built pit latrine, or a composting toilet, can eliminate disease, and fertilize crops, as very few pathogens will survive the high temperatures of the composting, or being buried deep in the ground. It is also worth noting that many people believe that the squatting position reduces digestive and reproductive tract diseases. They point to many facts, such as the virtual absence of such diseases prior to the introduction of the porcelain throne, and the fact that African-American males have the highest rate of prostate cancer in the word, meanwhile, in Africa, it is virtually non-existent.

Many crops can be grown to increase the fertility of the soil. When the Americans and Canadians arrived in the Great Plains in the mid 1800’s, they found deep, rich topsoil going down six feet (they must have danced some jigs over that one). Many people have advocated certain plants as a way to increase fertility. These are often also crop plants with multiple uses.

The Indians in the Amazon basin built up soil by incorporating urine soaked charcoal into it. The tierra prieta, as it is called, has not washed away as most tropical soils do. This is a good way to recycle urine, and trace minerals can also be added to the blend. Drinking urine has a long history in medicine, it is claimed to cure many diseases, and is quite safe to drink, so don’t worry about putting it in your garden.

Growing perennial vegetables, bushes, and trees, can reduce labor and other inputs. Most intriguingly, establishing forest gardens can also provide nice places to live, with ornamental, food producing plants and trees all around, creating oxygen, flowers, and all the other things that human persons need and enjoy. It seems that we now have 30% less oxygen in the air than 200 years ago, leading to many diseases. That is one reason why deep breathing can cure disease.

Simple hole/hill farming methods will reduce labor and fertilizer inputs, as only a tiny fraction of the land area needs to be tilled and watered. The melons and squashes, which are most often grown this way, are some of the most nutritious crops available. They can sprawl ten meters or more, covering rocks, bushes, and even houses! The spacing of the holes means that bushes and trees can also be planted in the holes, and do their growing meanwhile many years of squashes are harvested. Moving latrines around is way to dig the garden, and dispose of waste at the same time. The shape of the hole is important, as a water collection area should be left at the surface to retain water. In cross section, we have a funnel, diverting nutrients and water to the plants roots, and holding moisture in the organic sponge. This is a miniature version of the swales, which are often constructed to hold back surface water, and divert it into the ground. Some of these methods will turn a desert area into an oasis.

Foliar sprays are often used to control insects and disease, as well as to fertilize crops. Fogging can be an effective way to water plants, so spraying then becomes a multi-functional system. Some people claim great results by playing music while they spray (study the sonic bloom method, and read “The Secret Lives of Plants”).

There has been considerable research done with salt tolerant plants, which can be grown in saline marsh areas. With more research, seawater could be pumped into the Sahara desert, and enormous new farms would be created.

Although I have surely missed your favorite topic in this short summary, I feel that I would be remiss in not saying a few things about ocean agriculture before winding up (or down, as the case may be).

The best plan that I have ever seen, which gets past the pollution, and poor nutrition of conventional fish farming, is a combination unit.

The deep ocean waters are nutrient laden. This creates many fine many fishing areas, such as off the coast of Chile. The deep waters hit a steep continental shelf, and upwell, feeding ocean plankton, which feeds the old food chain. By pumping water from the depths, and into a coral lagoon, which has been surrounded by nets to keep out predators, a lively fish farm can be created.

The dual- purpose part comes in when the difference in temperature of the deep and surface waters is used to spin turbines, and to create solid fuels from the energy. These OTEC plants have been thoroughly researched, but never, as far as I know, in the dual purpose, and therefore more economic, form presented here.

Of course there is also wave energy, solar energy, orgone energy, and others out the kazoo, but this is an introduction to agricultural research, so you’re going to have to study all that other neat stuff by yourself.