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Friday, February 19, 2010




I stepped out of the theater in a rush I have not felt in 30 years. That was from the first Back to the Future movie, with its upbeat impact.

I was wondering , while searching for the car, where was my ponytail, so that I could plug it into the mother earth connector.

My wife, who actually does have a long, braided ponytail, was holding the end of it, and pocking with it, so that some of the others laughed, she told me later..

My son, who is a science fiction writer, they made a movie out of a story of his, robbed by a visiting teacher when he was fifteen, says it had every element of a good story, including the boss fight. The boss fight, I say? The boss fight is where the two leaders, on opposite sides of the battle, fight to the death…..

I don’t know if I have ever seen a movie where I was ready to go right back, and see it again. I told the kids working out front that it was the best movie that I had ever seen. The Lord of the Rings was maybe the previous best one, I say. She tells me she didn’t like that one. None of them had been to see Avatar yet! I couldn’t fathom that one, guess they make the mistake of not letting employees in free.

In the car, my son tells me that he knew I would like the wildlife scenes. The movie was worth it for the glowing nighttime plant life, the exorbitant mushrooms, the giant trees, and the crazy animals.. It is also a love story, and has all of the action anyone could ever want. It is no wonder that so well made a creation should also be the highest grossing cinema of all time…

We saw it in Imax 3D, as was advised by a woman I met at a bio-feedback class a few weeks earlier.

There is a group that hopes to get some more of the profit money diverted to indigenous causes. What we have in the movie is a more brutal, money driven culture dominating native people, and is exactly what is happening today, all over the world. Nor will the massacres of the past simply go away.
Go to facebook (it’s easy to join), and look for the Avatar group, they say the movie makers will likely commit more money, if people encourage them…..!/group.php?gid=265905035119

The way the film represents the corporate life is quite like that which I have seen, even in the supposedly benign solar industry. The law is money, money, money, and the ten commandments, applied only within ones own group, don’t apply here….

Personally, i think it is a great movie, to the point of saying that it is the best movie that i have ever seen.
Some more footage of it can be seen at this link....

And this one...

The music of Avatar...

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