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Wednesday, February 17, 2010



I have a wife with so serious a respiratory condition that she can hardly breathe, and she and my two boys have definite bi-polar symptoms. I have read extensively on the American, nutrient depleted diet, and how a proper diet, combined with supplements and other simple treatments, can considerably ease these symptoms, if not cure them. The sales propaganda from the food and drug industry is horrendous. Imagine Ford telling you how good Toyota is, by way of comparison. Now note that This particular Ford has a strangle hold on the American information systems, almost a perfect one, to the point of censoring Orthomolecular medicine. If you never heard that term, then it serves to prove my point, doesn’t it?
So, I talk to stubborn people about what they don’t know about, and it is lost in thin air. Seven years of suffering I have had, to know of these simple cures for so many ailments, and who will listen? I am not sure even a single one of all the people I have told to google building seven, go to the Weston A. Price Foundation web page and study, or to look up Illuminati population control has yet done it. Of course, one seldom sees any of this discussion presented in an intelligent way in the evening press. See above to understand why, these guys own the press. Ownership is not always direct, though it is sometimes. If you are in the same social group, with the same ends, if you sit on the board of a variety of corporations, if your corp buys lots of advertising, and these so called free press corps (the media), want it then you have control. Everyone wants money, It is the staff of life, so is also the first element of control.
Control is complicated, it is psychological in nature, and controlling information is an important part of it…. There is, of course, the more ugly part, violence, but this is expensive for the providers, and more difficult than simple information control. That is, unless you include war, which is quite profitable for the controllers, so is very often instigated, on the most implausible of circumstances.
Meanwhile, I have to put up with stubbornness at home, an unwillingness to do anything, not even to take some quality vitamins or eat farm fresh foods, as well as some other aspects of bipolar activity, which is unpleasant to have to deal with. One of the many benefits of these "treatments", is the lifting of brain fog and confusion.
Well, I knew better that to talk to one of them in the mourning, none of them is morning people!

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MM said...

Hey , dude, buy a Toyota!